A place to celebrate the gift of Life


We believe in magic

Every breath is a gift. Every moment of life can be magical. We created JuJu Life to be a reminder of that simple truth.

JuJu Life is your oasis. Not from challenge but from the ordinary. So often, routine and predictability suck the magic out of life.

Sometimes, a moment of delight, realization or even an extreme challenge met (and overcome) can infuse the spirit with that same feeling we had as children when everything was fresh, bright and new.


We believe in further

Somewhere between the end of your comfort zone and your full potential is JuJu Life. Nature only has two directions. We are either growing or dying. The only way to grow is "further". Stagnation happens in stillness. Growth happens when we reach for something more, when we reach further. We make 'further' fun and stylish. 

we believe in the best

Juju Life combines modern fitness technology, elite fitness trainers and a passion for helping you become your best. Here, you will find the best products for sale and for your enjoyment while you're here. (Discover the amenities we offer our members)

Your workout should make you leaner, stronger, happier and younger. 


we do it because...

Because you should feel sexy when you sweat. Because you should feel alive when you burn. Because getting old is optional. Because life is everything...

What's your because?